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CSS Header and Footer Properties

I am trying to finds more information on properties like @top-left @bottom-right. Are these properties specified by CSS or are they Price specific properties.

I would also like to find more info on CSS properties to create bookmarks, links table of contents with their page numbers, Indexes etc.


Hi Manish,

The page margin box rules like @top-left and @bottom-right are specified by the CSS3 Paged Media module. This also specifies properties to control the page size and page breaking.

The documentation for cross-references demonstrates how to create cross-references that refer to an element by page number of chapter counter. (The WebArch sample document is a good example of using cross-references to create a table of contents with page numbers for each chapter/section link).

PDF bookmarks are created automatically for XHTML headings, and can be created for other elements using the bookmark properties.

Best regards,