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Using <hr>

Does anyone have a good method of creating the equivalent of an <hr> tag? What I want it for a line to stretch across the page (within the margins) after a certain element (like a title). The <hr> example in the Prince xhtml style doesn't work.
For example, I have:

<title>Chapter 1</title>
<subtitle>Your home</subtitle>

What I would want is a line underneath Chapter 1, and extending beyond all the way to the margin. I can get this behaviour with some tricks, just wondering if anyone had a technique they use that may be a better way...

EDIT: For this example, I use the css:

title::after {
border-top:solid 1pt black;

Without the content blank space, nothing appears (because the block is empty). The line height is used to that the following block (in this example, the subtitle) is flush against the line, instead of several points below it.
For hr you can use
		border-top:solid thin;}

In your case
		border-bottom:solid thin;}

/* if does not work add margin-right:0 */

should be sufficient.

the content blank space, nothing appears (because the block is empty)

If content is not specified block is not generated. Using empty content would be sufficient
title:after {content:""}