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My Thesis

I finally finished my phd and, of course, used princexml rather than LaTeX for the typesetting, and you can see the result over here

I thought I'd put the source code used to generate it online for others to look at. Essentially I wrote the thesis using a hybrid of XHTML and my own tagset along with some XSLT to generate the final XHMTL which prince could convert into a PDF.

If you're thinking of using prince for your thesis then I'd highly recommend it, and feel free to get some ideas about what you can do by looking at my code.

Here are some of the things that I did with the XSLT:

    Auto Generation: Table of Contents, List of Figures, References etc.
    Pretty-printing: Haskell, XML, SVG and Mathematica.
    Glyph twiddling: Convertion of plain double quotes to typographical quotes, Auto-ligaturisation (could probably do this with plain css rules though...).
    Numbering: Chapters, Figures and citations.
    Statistics: Wordcount, Word frequency analysis.

You can find the source code (zip or online viewable) over on my site:
Great work Alex! The topic of the thesis seems very relevant to document formatting as well, I'll have to read it. :D