About us

The Prince formatter is developed, supported and marketed by YesLogic Pty Ltd. YesLogic is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With a customer-focused attitude and a dedication to quality, we develop innovative software products that are flexible, efficient, affordable, and easy to use.

Håkon Wium Lie, Chairman

Håkon is a web pioneer, having created CSS while working with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1994. Håkon became a devotee of Prince when looking for a CSS-based tool which could format his book on CSS, co-authored with Bert Bos. Håkon has been the director of Yeslogic, the company that makes the Prince formatter, since 2004. In 2015 he took a break to see if the web is truly worldwide: as the CTO of the Kon-Tiki2 Expedition he communicted over a thin satellite connection from a balsawood raft, sailing from Lima to Easter Island in 43 days.

Michael Day, CEO & Founder

Michael is responsible for the overall architecture of Prince and management of its implementation. He is also responsible for customer support.

Xuehong Liu, Founder

Xuehong created the Prince layout engine and led its development for ten vital years. She also developed the JavaScript interpreter and other vital systems.

Cong Liu, Founder

Cong created the HTML5 parser for Prince and implemented TrueType font subsetting. He also developed the graphical interface and server integration wrappers.


Brendan has a background in communication design, illustration, generative art, and open source software development. He is fascinated by the intersection of art, design, mathematics and computer science. His current focus is exploring how programming languages and type systems can be used as a tool for designing safer, more robust and friendly software. This involves keeping abreast of past and present academic research and figuring out ways to integrate this into industrial applications.

Peter W

Peter works on Prince and other things. Enjoys tea & biscuits, and extreme 17th century revivalist yak herding.


Wesley is a generalist who likes to tinker with computers ranging from tiny microcontrollers to multi-server web deployments. Recently he's found a home writing Rust and participating in the Rust programming language community.

Peter M

Peter Moulder (pjrm) worked for many years with a research group developing software for diagram layout, text layout and computer typesetting and joined YesLogic to develop Prince for Books.


Alfie has been interested in computers ever since his dad dusted off the ageing TRS-80 and plugged it into their 50kg, constantly humming, National TV. These days his interests are in automation, the Rust programming language and he has started to dip his toes into Logic Programming.


Former mining surveyor turned programmer. Enjoys programming. Dislikes mining surveying. Has a poor sense of humour.


Mark is an experienced software engineer with a strong background in the Mercury programming language. He is currently responsible for developing and maintaining Prince's layout engine and also helps provide online customer support.


Sasha is a software developer at YesLogic, where she explores new ways to bridge the gap between what users want and the technical reality of what computers can do. Her work includes research into formal systems, optimisation problems, abstract algebra and topology, among other things; oh, and lots of head-scratching. Having had her start in high school making a website for one of her teachers, Sasha has since worked in a wide range of roles, from developing progressive web applications and cloud infrastructure, to interactive network visualisations and data engineering. When she's not buried in computer code or research papers though, she also likes to sing and write music, write and have long meandering conversations over a cup of tea.