Page Size

Page size can be specified in length units or by a page size keyword optionally combined with the portrait or landscape keyword.


@page { size: A4 }

This sets the page size to A4 paper size.


@page { size: A4 landscape }

This sets the page size to landscape A4 paper size.


@page { size: 30cm 40cm }

This sets the page width to 30cm and the height to 40cm.


@page { size: 30cm }

This sets both the width and height of the page to 30cm.

Page Size Keywords

Prince supports the following page size keywords.

(Note: keywords are not case sensitive; eg. "A4" and "a4" are equivalent).

Keyword Page Size
A0 841mm × 1189mm
A1 594mm × 841mm
A2 420mm × 594mm
A3 297mm × 420mm
A4 210mm × 297mm
A5 148mm × 210mm
A6 105mm × 148mm
A7 74mm × 105mm
A8 52mm × 74mm
A9 37mm × 52mm
A10 26mm × 37mm
B0 1000mm × 1414mm
B1 707mm × 1000mm
B2 500mm × 707mm
B3 353mm × 500mm
B4 250mm × 353mm
B5 176mm × 250mm
B6 125mm × 176mm
B7 88mm × 125mm
B8 62mm × 88mm
B9 44mm × 62mm
B10 31mm × 44mm
C0 917mm × 1297mm
C1 648mm × 917mm
C2 458mm × 648mm
C3 324mm × 458mm
C4 229mm × 324mm
C5 162mm × 229mm
C6 114mm × 162mm
C7 81mm × 114mm
C8 57mm × 81mm
C9 40mm × 57mm
C10 28mm × 40mm
id-1 85.60mm × 53.98mm
id-2 105.0mm × 74.0mm
id-3 125.0mm × 88.0mm
US-Letter 8.5in × 11.0in
US-Legal 8.5in × 14.0in
US-Executive 7.25in × 10.5in
US-Ledger 17.0in × 11.0in
US-Tabloid 11.0in × 17.0in
US-Government 8.0in × 11.0in
US-Statement 5.5in × 8.5in
US-Folio 8.5in × 13.0in
ansi-a 8.5in × 11.0in
ansi-b 11.0in × 17.0in
ansi-c 17.0in × 22.0in
ansi-d 22.0in × 34.0in
ansi-e 34.0in × 44.0in
arch-a 9.0in × 12.0in
arch-b 12.0in × 18.0in
arch-c 18.0in × 24.0in
arch-d 24.0in × 36.0in
arch-e1 30.0in × 42.0in
arch-e 36.0in × 48.0in
imperial-folio 15.0in × 22.0in
imperial-quarto 11.0in × 15.0in
imperial-octavo 7.5in × 11.0in
royal-folio 12.5in × 20.0in
royal-quarto 10.0in × 12.5in
royal-octavo 6.25in × 10.0in
crown-folio 10.0in × 15.0in
crown-quarto 7.5in × 10.0in
crown-octavo 5.0in × 7.5in
foolscap-folio 8.5in × 13.5in
foolscap-quarto 6.75in × 8.5in
foolscap-octavo 4.25in × 6.75in
medium-quarto 9.0in × 11.5in
demy-quarto 8.75in × 11.25in
demy-octavo 5.625in × 8.75in