PDF Output

Prince produces PDF 1.4 files that are compatible with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF viewers such as Ghostview and Xpdf.

Prince supports a wide range of PDF features, including:

  • PDF bookmarks / outlines
  • PDF links (internal and external)
  • PDF metadata
  • PDF compression
  • Font embedding

PDF Compression

Prince compresses its PDF output to reduce the size of the documents that it produces. Prince does not create linearized PDF files, as this would increase formatting time and memory requirements. An external program such as Adobe Acrobat or Ghostscript may be used for this purpose if necessary.

Font Embedding

Prince embeds fonts in its PDF output to ensure accurate viewing and printing on any system. Font embedding can be disabled if necessary, for example if Prince is being used to create PDF files in a controlled environment with known fonts where space is at a premium.

Creating PostScript output

Support for PostScript output has been removed from Prince and we recommend the use of PDF instead. If necessary, an external converter program such as Adobe Acrobat or Ghostscript may be used in conjunction with Prince, to convert its PDF output into PostScript.