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Bold Chinese Font


Seems like other folks have been able to do this, so I just need a little help figuring out what I'm doing wrong....probably something very simple.

I'm running prince 6.0r8 on CentOS5.3.

I've installed the chinese font package (yum install fonts-chinese).

By running prince with --debug, it appears I can see what fonts prince has access to, like AR PL KaitiM Big5.

I've modified the prince fonts css file (/usr/lib/prince/style/fonts.css) and
added local("AR PL KaitiM Big5") in the font-face font-family src.
(I don't have much control over the incoming html style, which is why I'm editing this file.)

However, when I run it with:

the characters come out exactly the same in the PDF.
Renders as expected in Firefox; the second character is bolded.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Bold Chinese fonts are rare, and browsers generally cheat by artificially emboldening the font, eg. by smudging it slightly. Prince 7.0 will also include this feature to create bold (and italic) fonts on demand when they are requested but do not exist.
Good to know!

So, the obvious follow up questions:

1) When is Prince 7.0 scheduled to arrive?
2) If we were to purchase a license for the current version now, would we be eligible for the new version when it comes out?

Soon! And a license purchased now will still work with Prince 7.0. There are some early builds available that you can try:
Great! I've tried the linux version you posted, and the bold seems to work! Thanks!
carl johnson
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I think bold Helevetica on my Mac looks different with prince 7a compared to prince 6. It's not quite as strong, though it is still different from non-bold text. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it related to the better OTF support in prince 7a?
This could be a bug related to changes in font matching. Helvetica has several weights available on MacOS X, and Prince might not be matching the right one. We will take a look at this issue.
We have now released the first beta of Prince 7.0, which includes several adjustments to font matching on MacOS X. Please let us know if there are any further issues with Helvetica or other fonts.
carl johnson
Helevetica bold is back to looking like its usual self, thanks! :D