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Prince 7.0 beta 1 hang on text wrapping

With the following code Prince 7.0 beta 1 hangs.

    <style type="text/css">
body {
  font-family: Company Font Type Light;
  letter-spacing: -0.02pt;
  font-size: 9pt; 
  text-align: justify;
	<div style="float:right;">

The following change allows Prince to run successfully.
 <p style="white-space: nowrap;">EUR/CHF/USD/JPY</p>

If I change the font to Arial Prince runs successfully and the text is wrapped after the last slash.

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Can you reproduce this behaviour with any other font?

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No, it seems that the length of the 'EUR/CHF/USD/JPY' text is crucial. If I change the font, font-size, text or something else which has an influence on the text length the problem disappears.
Right. In that case, could you email me a copy of the font to diagnose the issue? (It might also be possible to reproduce the problem with a different font by carefully adjusting the font-size in very small increments, but that could take forever).
I will send you the font tomorrow from the office.
This bug has been fixed in Prince 7.0, out now. Thanks for the help in tracking it down! :)