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Avoid hyphenated word on a recto page


Is there anyway where I can avoid end-of-line, end-of-page hyphen specially on a recto page?
Hyphenated word on a verso page is not a problem, actually this from the publishers point of view.

Any guess when Prince 7.0 will be releasing?
Currently I am using the beta version.

Prince 7.0 is coming out today, downloads are already available now. We don't yet support controlling hyphenation depending on whether the page is recto or verso, but we can add this to the roadmap for future investigation.
I agree that this is a serious mistake: to hyphenate and then need to turn the page to see rest of the word.

Jim Albright
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Hi Mike,

How to avoid page end hyphen. Please let us know
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You might like to try Prince for Books, which puts a lot more effort into hyphenation outcomes.