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White space caused by named Landscape page

Hi Mike,

I have a table which is present between flow text and is rotated to landscape using a named page. The problem I face is, the text after the table starts on a new page leaving the previous page half blank.
Can the text present after the table be continued on page 1 (which is half blank)?

I tried float: top-next property for the landscape page, but I still get the same result, it also inserts a blank page before the landscape page.

I am using Prince 7.0 version.

Can you help out?

This is surprisingly tricky. In fact, it may not even be possible. We may need to add a mechanism to do this.
For what its worth, I'm having the same issue too, which is a forced page break after invoking a named page selector. Using page-break-after:avoid, etc., doesn't work.
We'll move this issue up the roadmap and see what we can do.
Hi Mike,
Is there any news about this? We appear to be having the same problem.
I can confirm this still seems to be an issue. I'd like to understand what you're trying to do in more detail though. Based on the documentation, I wrote a test document rendering just a table in "landscape" inside a portrait document. What Prince does with this document makes sense to me, since the "big" class is specifically on the table element, and the table element is the element that gets its own separate page. Maybe others on this thread could paste some code or make an attachment?

Announcement: repos for tests/utils

Hi Hallvord, just imagine a set of paragraphs with somewhere the text 'as shown in Figure 1 below.'
after that paragraph, the figure is placed in the document but as it is a full page figure it will be floated to the next page. The text after the figure should come before the figure similar to the situation in which a non-rotated figure is floated to the next page because it does not fit (e.g. with float: top next).
Maybe a workaround is conceivable by transforming the object rather than using a different page, but I have not quite thought that out. My current use case is full page objects (figures/tables) and their captions.
Is the above issue fixed ?, In my case also we dont need the whitespace when i switch the long table into landscape view

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