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Overflow inside multicol elements

First I have to admit: I'm really impressed by the possibilities provided by PrinceXML.

But I didn't get a CSS3 feature working which I do need for creating kind of a magazine. It's a matter of pictures floating between two columns. This page of the W3C shows something that looks like the feature I need, but I can't make pictures take a width of more than 100%.
There are workarounds like using empty divs making the text flow around them and positioning the image absolutely between above the divs, but I think this wouldn't work for automated output (I'd have to adjust every single page - as there are about 300 pages it's not worth).

I hope for fast help :-)

PS: Please excuse my mistakes as I'm from Germany ;-)
You can make an image wider than a column by wrapping it up in another block:
<div style="width: 150%">
<img src="myimage.jpg"/>

Unfortunately this will overlap the text in the next column. We will try to fix this issue for a future release of Prince.
Okay, thanks for the fast reply.
I guess the feature won't be implented until january? Unfortunately I'll have to look for another solution then...

Nevertheless I will keep PrinceXML in mind as it's a very good software :-)
Any progress on this issue? I'm generating tables for a report. Some of the tables are a bit large and I would love for the text in the adjacent column to just "give it some space".
Not yet, but we'll get to it. Most of this year has been spent on JavaScript support, next year will be back to layout improvements.
Prince 8.1 is now available, and supports column floats and the column-span property. However, you have to span the whole column, there isn't yet a mechanism to partly intrude into the next column while still allowing the text to flow around the image. We're working on it. :)