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Position footer in landscape page

I have a question about controlling the footer in a landscaped page.
In version 5 of Prince the footer of a landscape page was positioned on the long side.
In version 6 (and later) the footer moved to de short side.
In preview, the footer shows up on the right side of the document.

However, on the printer, the landscape page is printed with the footer shown upside-down into the header position.

We need the footer showing up on the left side, so the footer will turn up at the bottom or we need to show the footer at the long side of the paper.
How can we control the position of the footer on the landscaped page (turning up left side or long side instead of right side)?

Thanks in advance!

At the moment there is no control for this, but we are preparing a new maintenance release (Prince 7.1) and we could flip the orientation of landscape pages.
I need the same thing (I think). When I insert landscape pages in the middle of a portrait document, the headers and footers rotate to the long side of the paper. I would like them to stay in their portrait position, even though the page is landscape, so when printed, the headers and footers on landscape pages line up with the portrait pages.

Will that be possible in 7.1? Any hints about when 7.1 will be out? :D
As soon as possible! :D
I'm sorry to revive this page, but has this found its way into a release? I would like to turn the contents of the page too (leaving headers and footers where they are).
Not yet, we're working on it! Also, CSS Transforms in Prince 8.1 may be sufficient to rotate page content 90 degrees without affecting the headers/footers.
Prince 10 is now available, and includes a new @page property called prince-rotate-body which can be used to create landscape pages more conveniently.