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Translate page numbers

I am generating a PDF document in Chinese, but the page numbers are of course coming out in English, since they are auto-generated. How would I translate those to Chinese or get them to render in Chinese? Do I some how bypass the page number generation and use my own Chinese translations for the page numbers?

Has anyone had experience in this area?


The page counter can be displayed using different counter styles, for example decimal: 1, 2, 3... or lower-roman: i, ii, iii... or upper-alpha: A, B, C... and so on. At the moment we don't have any Chinese counter styles, but there are several defined in the CSS3 Lists module that we could add to Prince, like "cjk-ideographic", "simp-chinese-formal", and so on. Would any of these suit your needs?
In Prince 8.0 we now support Chinese and Japanese counter and list styles.