Forum Bugs


First, I'd like to thank you for creating this amazing product.

Second, there is a minor bug in the XML handling of the following construct:

<li type="i">...</li>

Even without a CSS definition for the "roman-lower" as a "list-style-type" for "li", there will be a lower roman list-style. Perhaps it's because of the name of the element "<li>"?

Third, the documentation of PrinceXML 7.0 for "list-style-type" does not define the possibilities of "circle" and "square" types, but these are working. Are they not officially supported?

Thank you.
This looks like a bug in the default HTML style sheet, which contains this rule:
[type="i"] { list-style-type: lower-roman }

It should really only apply to ol/ul/li elements in the XHTML namespace. I'll check the docs for the list-style-type property, we may have forgotten to mention "circle" and "square". :)