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Page numbering is not updating when adding pages in Acrobat


We are currently running into a problem with adding or deleting pages to a PDF generated by Prince XML 7.1 in Acrobat 9 Pro.

When a new page is inserted with Acrobat into the PDF generated by Prince XML, the page numbering in the footer does not reflect the change. The same occurs when a page is deleted. The page numbering on a linked table of contents also remains unchanged.

Looking at the PDF in Acrobat, the program does not seem to recognize the footer generated by Prince XML as a footer.

Here's the CSS we use to generate the footer and the page numbering:
		content: counter(page);

Is there a way to generate a footer that will be recognized by Acrobat as a footer, and is there a way to have the page numbering in the footer and table of contents update when pages are added to or deleted from the PDF?
If you expect to add or delete pages from the PDF you can use the counter-reset and counter-increment properties to manipulate the page counter accordingly. However, I've never seen a PDF file that dynamically updated the footers when a page was added or deleted. Is this even possible?
It probably is not possible. Allow me to clarify the problem. We talked with the clients and were able to get a better understanding the issue at hand.

Previously, our clients used PDFs they generated from MS Word. When the Word documents were converted to a PDF, the headers and footers were recognized by Acrobat as headers and footers. Since they were recognized as such, the client could then update the footers to redo the page numbering when they added pages to the Word generated PDF.

For our Prince XML generated PDFs, Acrobat does not recognize the headers and footers generated in the conversion as headers and footers. Acrobat will not allow the client to update the page numbering through a footer update because of this.

I don't think the counter-reset and the counter-increment will work. We don't know where the client will be adding pages to the generated PDFs.

Is there any possible way for Prince XML to generate a footer recognized by Acrobat as a footer?
It seems this might be possible with tagging in PDF 1.7. We don't support this yet, but it is on the roadmap.
Correction, this is an Acrobat-specific feature that has nothing to do with tagged PDF. We're still investigating it at this time.