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SVG path data parser lacks correct exponent parsing


according to path data may contain exponent signs, which prince can't parse.

The first line of this test file renders correctly, the remaining two cause a
warning: svg: path: command L/l: (x, y)+ required.

<svg xmlns:svg="" width="10" height="7">

  style="fill: none; stroke: black; stroke-width: 1;" 
   M 0 1.5 
   l 1e1 0
   m -10 2
   l 1e+1 0
   m -10 2
   l 100e-1 0

This bug is an issue, because Inkspace uses negative exponent signs in some paths.

Thanks for this great product btw.!
Thanks, we'll move this issue up the roadmap. The next release should include a number of other SVG improvements as well.
Prince 8.0 fixes this issue, and several other SVG issues, including support for the SVG <style> element.