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Layout bug?

When I process this input with Prince,

- the generated PDF is missing the large quote (") character at the beginning of the <blockquote/>

Here's Prince' output,

I'm happy to help further narrow down this problem - just wondering if you already have some insight why it's happening?
Odd, as it seems to work for me. Which version of Prince are you using? Do you get any error or warning messages?
I tried Prince 7.0 and 7.1, with identical results

The 7.1 version is prince-7.1-ubuntu904-amd64-dynamic

It's running on Debian/Ubuntu

Prince does print some errors when I process the URL,

$ prince-7.1-ubuntu904-amd64-dynamic//lib/prince/bin/prince index.pdf
prince: error: Tag section invalid
prince: error: ID Reference_code already defined
prince: error: Tag section invalid
prince: error: ID Title already defined

- however none when I process the file on my local file system,

$ prince-7.1-ubuntu904-amd64-dynamic//lib/prince/bin/prince index.html
The difference in error messages are because it the file is being served over HTTP as "text/html", so Prince is parsing it as HTML, whereas when accessed as a local file Prince concludes that it is XHTML due to the DOCTYPE and parses it as XML, resulting in slightly different behaviour.

However, this is unrelated to the error, which I cannot replicate regardless of how I access the page. Honestly, I can't see why this isn't working. Here is a really slimmed down test document:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<p>Provide either a formal title or a concise supplied title in accordance with the rules of multilevel description and national conventions.</p>

Do you see the double quote appearing behind the blockquote when you convert this document?
Thanks Mike - yes! When I convert that document the double quote *does* appear behind the <blockquote/>

However if I add style="text-align: justify;" to the <body/> of that document, then the double quote disappears:
Thanks, I think I see the problem now, there is a bug in Prince 7.1 that affects some positioned blocks inside justified paragraphs, making the image disappear. We have fixed this issue for the next release. In the meantime, a workaround would be to specify "text-align: left" on the blockquote element and then "text-align: justify" on the paragraph inside it. Sorry for the inconvenience!
No sweat - thanks Mike!
Prince 8.0 beta is out now, and includes the fix for this bug.