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Issues with float:top and prince-page-group

Attached I have a zip file containing an xml file and a css file. The xml contains the book of Matthew and the first chapter of Mark in Chinese. I have found two possible bugs:
1. The book title for Matthew (recognizable by it's larger font) is on the second page of the book. It has the attribute float: top. This is applied in the "otBook > titleGroup mainTitle, ntBook > titleGroup mainTitle" section of the css. Furthermore, this problem goes away if the style for 2 columns is commented out for "otBook, ntBook".
2. I have applied "prince-page-group: start;" to the elements "otBook, ntBook". It is my understanding that if I set no headers of footers on the first page, this should then apply it to the first page of any otBook or ntBook. I do not observe this behavior. This may be noted on page 30 of the pdf.

In addition to these bugs, I would like to add an additional request for inline footnotes to the other two requests.

Thanks for a wonderful product.
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I'm having trouble extracting the ZIP file. Can you check if it is broken or incomplete in some way? Perhaps you could email me ( the files instead.
For the second issue, you need to create a named page, like this:
otBook, ntBook { page: book }
@page book:first { ... }

Then you can suppress headers from the first page of each section. As for the first issue, I'm not sure what's happening there, we shall investigate.
In Prince 8.0 we have changed the way page floats are packed on pages that feature balanced columns. This should fix the first issue that you described, and hopefully give better layouts in general. Thanks for helping us track this down. :)