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PDF /X1-a compliance

We would like to create PDF/X1-a compliant PDFs from Prince, but right now we have to do some cleanup in Acrobat. Sometimes issues have to do with art, links, or other things in our control, but other issues seem related to PDF metadata. Some examples (using Acrobat Preflight Profile "Verify compliance with PDF/X-1a"):

Outputintent for for PDF/X missing
Document creation date missing
Document modification date missing
PDF/X version key (GTS_PDFXVersion) missing
Trapped key not true or false
Document ID missing

It seems I can provide the Document creation date using <meta name="date" content="2010-10-13"/> but I'm not sure how to provide the other information. Unfortunately I don't know much about PDF internals! Any guidance would be appreciated...


Dave Cramer
Right, we can fix some of these on our side by adding the necessary PDF metadata. I've moved this issue up the roadmap for inclusion in the next release.
Hi Dave, it's taken four years but Prince now supports PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4. :D
Thanks Mike!