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text-anchor attributes for svg text elements


Prince doesn't appear to support the text-anchor attribute for SVG text elements (text in the resulting PDF is always anchored at the start, even if the text-anchor attribute is set to "end").

Is there any plan to support this attribute in the future? Alternatively is there a way I can achieve the same effect by setting a CSS property? If so, which property?

I have some business graphics that I am generating in SVG which I display in firefox (which supports text-anchor) and I want the graphics to appear the same in the PDF generated by prince as they do in firefox.


Hi Ian,

We should be able to add support for the text-anchor SVG property to the next maintenance release of Prince 5.1.

While we're on the subject, are there any other omitted properties that you might like to see included? :)

(The existing SVG support documentation is a handy reference).

Best regards,

Thanks Michael, that would be great.

There does seem to be a problem with decimal lengths and the stroke-dasharray attribute. I've posted a report to the bugs forum.