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Debugging CSS errors

Is there a reasonable way - other than using an external CSS checker - to debug CSS problems with PrinceXML.
Often you have have stupid typos and mis-spellings in your CSS files leading to unpredictable or unexpected
results. Is there some chance that PrinceXML could write warning messages to the console? This would simply
working on styles a lot.
Debugging tips:
Work with a small sample (3 to 30 pages -- for speed).
Identify error in PDF.
Locate error in CSS or XHTML.
Add background-color to show that you really have identified the error. [This proves that the CSS selector is working.]
Make one change. -- Fix one error at a time.
Verify that the change will not create another error.
Process change.
Is error fixed? (or got closer to solution?)
Verify that the change did not create other errors.

Jim Albright
Wycliffe Bible Translators

This is a serious issue for us. We can't use the online CSS validators like Jigsaw because there are too many custom properties, and the validators are confused by the paged media stuff. A Prince-specific CSS syntax checker would be very valuable. I hate hunting for mismatched braces in seas of master pages!

We'll see what we can do. :)
Prince 11 has an all new CSS parser with improved conformance to the specification and... syntax validation! At last. :D