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Colspan forcing cell past table

This is using prince 7.0, so this feature may have been fixed. I haven't tested it on newer versions of the application, but I wanted to report it in case it hasn't been.

I have a table with 3 columns. The first row spans all 3 columns. The second row has 2 cells, one that spans 2 columns. When this happens, the last cell on the second row gets pushed out past the bounds of the table.

Source example:

<table class="maintablebreak" width="100%" style="table-layout: fixed">

            <td colspan="3" style="width: 100%; border: 1px solid black;">
                Cell 1
	 <tr id="1_indv_head"  >
             <td width="40%" colspan="2">
                 Cell 2
             <td width="60%">
                 Cell 3

While this is kind of an awkward example since you really shouldn't be formatting in this way, prince should still handle it correctly.
That is a bit odd, and Prince should handle it better. Currently you can workaround the layout issue by adding one more row at the end that has three cells, that seems to fix things.
I had already fixed it by fixing what was causing the unused first column making the first row colspan="2" and the remaining with no colspans. I just wanted to make sure to report the issue in case it still was an issue. I have my situation fixed.

Thanks for reporting it, we will investigate and see if we can improve the situation in a future release of Prince. :)
Prince 8.1 is now available, and includes a fix for this issue.
Good to hear! Thanks for the update.