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Rendering of svg hidden layers


Is there any way to tell prince not to render hidden layers in svg files created with Inkscape ?

My configuration :
  • Prince 7.2 (8.0 beta 1)
  • Mac OSX 10.6.8
  • Inkscape 0.48.1 r9760

You can open the attached svg file in your browser or inkscape and compare with prince pdf output.

Thank you for your help,

  1. prince_svg_layer_bug.zip25.4 kB
This is caused by Prince ignoring the "display: none" on the hidden group. We will try to fix this in a future release of Prince. For now, I can't think of an easy workaround for this issue. You could use JavaScript in Prince 8.0 to transform the document and remove the group entirely before the document is converted.
Prince 8.1 is now available, and supports "display: none" on SVG elements, which should be enough to fix hidden groups.