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getting large gap between header and table

I have a pretty simple table, that when it hits just a certain size, Prince XML introduces a large gap between it and the header. I don't have any sort of page-break-* type rules in my css though.

the html (with css inlined):
the generated pdf:

any help would be appreciated.
I've greatly simplified my test case:

if I add or remove a few rows at the end, it'll sometimes start right under the header. I've also been able to reproduce the jumping down to the next page with a table with a single td or a div with a height set to ~790px.
Thanks for the simplified test case, this looks like a bug to me. Adding a row or removing a row solves the problem, as does disabling collapsing borders on the table, and several other things. We will investigate the issue and see if we can fix it in a future release of Prince.
any idea on a workaround until a fix is released? will be trying lots of random things today to get it to work for more cases for me. it seems to be a range of heights that trip it.

also, I tried to explicitly set page-break-inside: auto; but I doubt that makes any difference.

thanks for investigating.
We're still investigating. It is unlikely to be related to the page break properties. Can you avoid applying "height" to the last table row?
I was messing around with the needed row with height at the end, trying to get a test case to fail with simpler tds all the way down, but haven't been able to. in my application, those tr rows with specified heights are definitely there, but I don't know if they really factor into the bug.

I've been able to workaround the problem for now by eliminating my h2 and moving it up into the page header:

h2 {
string-set: title content();
display: none; }

@page {
margin: 2em 0 0;
size: landscape;
@top {
font-family: verdana, sans-serif;
font-size: 10px;
content: string(title) " – Page " counter(page); } }

btw, love the product and really the css support. I hadn't realized there was so much printing support in css and I love that all configuration of prince xml pretty much happens through that.
We have determined that it is definitely caused by table rows with specified height, and we should have this issue fixed in Prince 8.1. Thanks again for reporting the issue. :)
awesome! :D
Prince 8.1 is now available for download, and includes a fix for this bug. Thanks again for letting us know. :)