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Convert button/action fails when document open/locked

When you try and convert a document and the target PDF is locked (for example, if it's open in Adobe Reader), the convert process runs, and then fails. On one hand you can tell that it has failed because the view button doesn't appear, but on the other hand, no error dialogue pops up to warn the user. This can be confusing for the starting user since I'm sure it's not uncommon for them to have the created PDF document open in another window if they're tweaking it.

The expected behavior should either be a "failed" dialog, or better yet, a "this file is locked, please close it" type message so the user can close Adobe Reader and have the document saved properly. Or even better, automate closing Reader, saving the document, and re-launching Reader perhaps?

Thanks again for an amazing product!
We're working on a new GUI for Prince, and will try to make this process smoother.
Prince 9 is out with a new Windows GUI, but this process of interacting with Adobe Reader is still tricky. At least the more visible output log should make it more obvious what is going on. But we still need an easier way to handle the Edit->Convert->View process.