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PHP Converted File to Browser

Newbie to doing this so forgive me if its been answered, but I have googled like a mad man. ;-)

In PHP I can convert_file_to_file and convert_string_to_passthru

The action I'm looking for is like a convert_file_to_passthru.

My html files are rather large so I can't fread into a string to do a convert_string_to_passthru.

Is there a way that PrinceXML can convert the file and open the pdf without having to doing an extra PHP step using fopen?
We need to add a new method, something like this:
public function convert_file_to_passthru($xmlPath)
    $pathAndArgs = $this->getCommandLine();
    $pathAndArgs .= '--silent "' . $xmlPath . '" -o -';

    return $this->convert_internal_string_to_passthru($pathAndArgs, '');
We have now added this method and other improvements to the Prince PHP wrapper.