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problems with sag 1.0 in prince 8.1


I just upgraded to Princexml 8.1 so I could use the new support for CSS3 Transforms.

But I got a new error when I converted documents that previously has been converted without any errors at all. I got a Segmentation Error: 11.

I tracked the error down to a svg-image. The same image has previously not caused any error. But in Prince 8.1 it causes the segmentation error.

The svg is version 1.0. If I save the file as version 1.1 tiny the image works as expected and there are no errors. But the clipping path in the svg image is wrong (the image is to small in the pdf).

If I save the svg in version 1.2 Prince fails.

It seems that there is a bug in Prince 8.1 when it comes to svg-images that are not version 1.1.

Very interesting! Can you email me ( a sample document that causes the error?
Actually we have another report of this issue, which appears to be caused by the presence of <use> elements inside <clipPath> elements. Hopefully we can fix it soon.
We have fixed this issue in Prince 8.1 rev 2, and packages are now available for Windows, MacOS X, and Ubuntu.
Just got back from holliday and what a wonderful thing to come home to :-) Thank you for a very quick solution!