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Mathml mover

Hi mike, can you test the <mover> element cause here it is rendering 'wrong', it is very far from the base. See this image:

with this code:

<math xmlns="">
 <mover accent='true'>

Any ideia why this happen ?
Is this a bug ? Sorry if isnt :?
Well it does look bad like that, so we need to make it look better. We will see what we can do. :)
There is some problems with mathml rendering, this isnt the only one, is there a prevision to fix this trouble ?

Thank you, keep your good work. :)
Further MathML development is on the roadmap, but first we are focusing on JavaScript improvements for Prince 8.2.
I'd like to know the status on fixing this. I'm trying to write some equations containing anti-particles (physics), and the &overbar; being so far away from the character it's over is looking really bad.
It may take some time to fix this issue. In the meantime, how about using a precomposed accented character, or combining macron accent, so that Prince can use OpenType glyph substitution or positioning rules to make it look good?
Is there a &psi; with a bar right above it as a single character?

Using the macron doesn't work; it's misrendered as well. I tried &#772; ( ), but it's never rendered above the &psi;. It's always to the topleft or topright (depending if I prepend or append it), asif I used the "spacing" version instead of the "combining" version.
(It's the accent-attribute that's not working, but I guess you already know that.)

I've found an evil workaround:
<mtable rowspacing="-0.2em"><mtr><mtd>_</mtd></mtr><mtr><mtd>&psi;</mtd></mtr></mtable>

I guess this is "good enough" for now. :)