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Sizing of margin-boxes when some boxes are empty


I experimented a bit with margin-boxes and noticed that if you use @top-center and precisely one of @top-left and @top-right together, the left/right box will have a width of zero. If you add the complement @top-side rule, even with an empty string as content, the initial @top-side box becomes visible. The same goes for @bottom- boxes, but not @left- or @right-. Example:

(I was initially going to post this in feature requests, but then I noticed it doesn't happen with @left- or @right-)

I tried to understand the working draft but came to the conclusion that it is contradictory. Point 2 states that the other two boxes should have the same outer width, but point 3 states that an empty box should have a zero outer width, and I guess Prince goes by the latter with empty boxes.

I would like to suggest that Prince handle this in the same way with non-existent margin boxes as with specified empty margin boxes. The examples of margin boxes in the working draft suggests that behaviour, too.

Thanks, this is a bug in Prince 8.1 that will be fixed in the next release.
This bug has been fixed in Prince 9, available now. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.