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TypeError: Running Javascript


We are trying to get a PDF of a calendar (Fullcalendar)

We have upgraded to Prince 8.1-2 but we are still getting errors

TypeError: value is not an object

We have --javascript in our command but basically we have nothing being rendered, just the css of a wrapping div. No javascript is running though.

Looking in the log file prince has the TypeError on line 6793 of jquery 1.7.1
val = curCSS( elem, name, name );

We tried a simple test page using
<div id="winning"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">

And we got that to render in the PDF fine, so there must be something in FullCalendar that is not yet supported..

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
This is because Prince does not yet support the getComputedStyle DOM method. We will see if we can add this to the next release of Prince.
The getComputedStyle method is supported in Prince 10, available now, although there are still some limitations about querying element widths and height that may make some scripts behave differently to the browser environment.