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anchoring tfoot to bottom of page. table page-break-after

Hi All

I have what should be a really simple PDF to produce and having real problems. I'm using XSL to produce HTML with CSS for Prince

I need this

for each set of data
Table Header (very large) - (thead)
Variable no of rows (1 -10) - (tr's)
Table Footer (very large) - (tfoot)
Page break
next set of data

I need the header and footer repeated on each page. That's working

I have one problem:
  • Header and footer will be fixed size (driven by size of content). If the table has only 1 row, the table footer should still be anchored to bottom of page with borders all the way down the page (i.e. there should always be the same space for rows regardless if there is one or 10). (The footer needs to be a table footer as it contains variable content and each table will have different content. I can't find a way to get the footer to anchor to bottom of page

Anyone got any ideas?


Very tricky question, answered here.