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Font question


I can't seem to get certain fonts, like Courier New and FixedSys, to appear in my PDF output. For example, the html below displays in different fonts in my browser, but in Prince, the Courier New and FixedSys fonts default to Times New Roman.

.CourierNew { font-family: Courier New }
.FixedSys { font-family: FixedSys }
.TimesNewRoman { font-family: Times New Roman }
.Arial { font-family: Arial }
<p class="CourierNew">This should be Courier New font</p>
<p class="FixedSys">This should be FixedSys font</p>
<p class="TimesNewRoman">This should be Times New Roman font</p>
<p class="Arial">This should be Arial font</p>

Is there something I am missing?

Thank you,

Pat Breslin
Never mind, I figured it out. To get Courier New to work, I have to put quotes around it in the stylesheet. The FixedSys font doesn't work because it's not a TrueType font.


Pat Breslin :oops:
In Prince 5.0 beta 3, font family names no longer need to be quoted and are no longer case-sensitive, so any of the following should work:
font-family: "Courier New";
font-family: Courier New;
font-family: courier new;