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I'm generating a PDF form through PrinceXML and I have some text in the top of the page, then two tables follow, the first table has a table headings and several tbody sections.

My question is that I want the last row of the first table to be extended (with whitespace) and the second table to end at the bottom of the A4 page - how do I do this?

Thanks for any help in advance.
PS Please see attachment if it's unclear what my page currently looks like (You'll see that it falls short of the length of an A4 Sheet).
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    The area in yellow is the bit I want to extend down so that the whole page takes up an A4 sheet.
At the moment there is no mechanism in CSS to add vertical space to pad out a table to be the height of the page. You can try specifying a height on the table, and that will be divided between the table rows, but I suspect that will not provide the kind of layout that you want.