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big large tables


I have a table here which is very big both in width and height. So, I placed the table into a landscape format which is much better than the portrait form.

Now, since the next inside each cell is long, the same row is moved to the next page which cuts off the border for the entire row.

In my attached screenshot, you can see Sl. No. 7 being split to the next page. But, what looks ugly is that the border at the bottom is not closed.

Is there any way around this ??
  1. longtablesplits.png119.0 kB
    Long table
You could use "page-break-inside: avoid" to prevent the table cells being split across pages, besides that I think the only way to close the border is to wrap each cell content in a div and apply the border to that, which is not very convenient. Perhaps we can apply the border-break property to table cells in the next release of Prince.
Thanks :) applying a page-break-inside:avoid for <td> solved this problem.
Prince 9 is now available, and supports the box-decoration-break property (formerly border-break) on table elements.