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Javascript node.tagName not converted toupper case for HTML

I found that the Javascript engine in Prince XML 8.0 returns the tag name of HTML nodes when accessed via the tagName attribute in the lexical case as written in the HTML. The Javascript standard (at least as portrayed in w3schools) states that tagName is supposed to convert the tag name to upper case, for HTML.

I was able to code around that behavior using the toUpperCase() function, but it ends up being a portability issue, when rendering an HTML file in a number of browsers I tested works fine (without using the toUpperCase()) and then Prince XML fails to convert it.

Can you please verify what I seem to be observing here, and if so, open a bug ?

Yes, this issue will be fixed in Prince 9.0.
Prince 9 is out now, and fixes this issue by automatically uppercasing the nodeName and tagName properties for HTML documents. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. :)