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HTML elements don't parse into the HTML namespace

When using HTML (either with or without
-i html5
), HTML elements don't appear to end up in the HTML namespace, as is required by the HTML specification. This means that using
@namespace url("");
causes the CSS rules not to be applied.
  1. html-ns.html0.2 kB
    Test case
Good catch! In the next release of Prince, the HTML5 parser will put all HTML elements in the XHTML namespace, as expected (and also handle MathML and SVG elements in the correct namespaced manner). Until then, I think the only workaround is to use XHTML, or adjust your CSS selectors to be namespace independent.
Great to hear. Thanks for the quick response!
Prince 9 is now available, and it uses our new HTML5 parser, which does place elements correctly in the HTML namespace. Thank you again for pointing this out. :)