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So, I found the topic on digital signatures here :, but what I'm looking to do is simply create a field that allows the user to open the form in Acrobat and it do whatever needs to be done to use those services to sign the document. Is there a special meta attribute or custom html/xml field type that we can use that will render as such when read in acrobat? If so how do we do that?
So you want to sign the PDF file using Acrobat Pro, and you want a button in the PDF that triggers the signing process?
@mikeday yes, the concept here is that we've created a webservice, so we're generating the pdf dynamically using a a template based on the data they send us. The return should be a PDF, that we were hoping to make "signable" so that they could open it in acrobat or reader and sign it/save it in order to give them confidence that they were signing off that the data matched what they sent, and we were not altering it after they signed it and saved it and delivered it to their final client. We don't need to digitally sign or encrypt or encode the pdf inside prince, we just want to present them the option to sign it.

It was my understanding that the pdf entity type for a "signature" field was available, as a lot of different pdf solutions have it as a field you can create (for example, microsoft word now allows this, but I didn't see a way to create that as the output format of a text field in prince anywhere. Thoughts?

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Okay, this requires PDF form fields, which Prince doesn't support at the moment, although we hope to look at this for a future release. I will add it to the development roadmap.
I would need FormFields as well! +1
This has become a very hot request from our company as well. +1

We love Prince, but this is becoming a major issue for our airline clients.
Currently we are committed to delivering JavaScript DOM functionality needed for charting libraries, so it will have to wait a while. It might help if you could email me ( more details on your requirements; there is a lot of variation when it comes to PDF forms, and no clear specification for us to work towards.
Just to bump this, I could really do with this too, as one of the document signing services we use will automatically highlight any fields such as this for signature use.
Good news: PDF Forms are now available in the latest build!

No signatures at this stage, but it's a start.