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Need Help! encounter glibc error, when i convert smaller files sames ok

*** glibc detected *** /usr/local/lib/prince/bin/prince: double free or corruption (out): 0x00000000077fcf60 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========
00400000-01308000 r-xp 00000000 fd:00 15631590 /usr/local/lib/prince/bin/prince
01507000-01542000 rw-p 00f07000 fd:00 15631590 /usr/local/lib/prince/bin/prince
01542000-01ac8000 rw-p 01542000 00:00 0
04a5e000-06bbf000 rw-p 04a5e000 00:00 0
06bbf000-06bc8000 r--p 06bbf000 00:00 0
06bc8000-06bcf000 rw-p 06bc8000 00:00 0
06bcf000-06bd0000 r--p 06bcf000 00:00 0
06bd0000-06c49000 rw-p 06bd0000 00:00 0
06c49000-06c52000 r--p 06c49000 00:00 0
06c52000-06c59000 rw-p 06c52000 00:00 0
06c59000-06c5a000 r--p 06c59000 00:00 0
06c5a000-0785f000 rw-p 06c5a000 00:00 0
2ab43b8b0000-2ab43b8b2000 rw-p 2ab43b8b0000 00:00 0
2ab43b8b2000-2ab43b8b5000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441127 /var/cache/fontconfig/e3ead4b767b8819993a6fa3ae306afa9-le64.cache-3
2ab43b8b5000-2ab43b8ce000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441130 /var/cache/fontconfig/73a61b34dd8ca4d8a159807604ab432f-le64.cache-3
2ab43b8ce000-2ab43b8ee000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 21695184 /home/wangwei/.fontconfig/384e8ef016a93c7fa22f842f02c21c89-le64.cache-3
2ab43b8ee000-2ab43b8f3000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441133 /var/cache/fontconfig/a3ef620b97f3ad86e0ccce6d4afaa4cc-le64.cache-3
2ab43b8f3000-2ab43b8f5000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441134 /var/cache/fontconfig/49aab29dc58e529ef78a6d0aaa3ba41d-le64.cache-3
2ab43b8f5000-2ab43b90e000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441135 /var/cache/fontconfig/2f090052c98d24fe2fea1808cf349b60-le64.cache-3
2ab43b90e000-2ab43b917000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441136 /var/cache/fontconfig/b79f3aaa7d385a141ab53ec885cc22a8-le64.cache-3
2ab43b917000-2ab43b919000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441137 /var/cache/fontconfig/87f5e051180a7a75f16eb6fe7dbd3749-le64.cache-3
2ab43b919000-2ab43b91d000 r--s 00000000 fd:00 3441138 /var/cache/fontconfig/177aa5f8e4784b879645141d1d73ae7a-le64.cache-3
2ab43b91d000-2ab43b95a000 rw-p 2ab43b91d000 00:00 0
2ab43c000000-2ab43c021000 rw-p 2ab43c000000 00:00 0
2ab43c021000-2ab440000000 ---p 2ab43c021000 00:00 0
7fff67d1b000-7fff67d30000 rw-p 7ffffffe9000 00:00 0 [stack]
7fff67dfd000-7fff67e00000 r-xp 7fff67dfd000 00:00 0 [vdso]
ffffffffff600000-ffffffffffe00000 ---p 00000000 00:00 0 [vsyscall]

how to debug this type error? thanks!
os : CentOS release 5.8 (Final)
It might be a character encoding issue we have discovered in Prince 9, which we will fix shortly in a maintenance release. Try using the old HTML parser for now, by passing "-i html4" on the command-line.
@mikeday Thank you very much! It's really helpful.

but use html4 option it doesn't recognize html5 tag, like this
>prince: one.html:656: error: Tag section invalid
>prince: one.html:663: error: Tag article invalid

at what time fix release will be available?

Edited by awang

The tags still work, they just generate unnecessary warnings. :)

Very soon, we just need to package up the new binaries.
really? but when I use html4,
the output pdf is 穷游erå¿ å‘Š character, not original Chinese character.
The old parser requires this in the head to specify the character encoding:
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">

Hopefully we will have the maintenance release ready today, for CentOS at least.
There are new packages for CentOS 5 available for download that fix this issue with the new HTML5 parser. Packages for other platforms will be available soon. Please let me know if you experience any similar issues with the new version.
it' cool, love you
Packages for Prince 9 rev 2 and now available for all platforms except Solaris. :)
I had the same problem, in my case a closing a tag did the trick. (</a>)
Right, we have just identified this nested <a> issue (in this thread) and it will be fixed soon in the next maintenance release of Prince.