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make a local-to-the-file href jump to that spot on the page

I have an <a href=#xxx> kind of reference to another place in the file. After conversion to PDF, the link works, but it takes me to the page where the link appears, and not actually to where on the page the link appears. For instance, if the link is at the bottom of the page, it takes me to the top of the page. If the viewer isn't showing the whole page, and the ref is below the part of the page that is showing, you have to scroll to see the item.

Other PDFs I've seen produced from other kinds of processes have links that go directly to the actual link point. Can I set some parameter, or change what I'm doing, to get this behavior?

-Marshall Schor
At the moment links only go to the page in question as you noticed, not to the specific point on the page in question. In the future we may extend the range of linking behaviour supported by Prince.