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Huge PDF file when embedding Japanese fonts

When I create a PDF out of a japanese HTML file the PDF file is huge (15MB). Whereas with an other PDF generator the file only has 113kb (the font is also embedded).

Is there a possibility to reduce the filesize?

Michael Gross
Hi Michael,

This is because Prince 5.1 does not support font subsetting, a process in which only the glyphs that were actually used are embedded into the PDF file, saving lots of space for large East Asian fonts which typically have thousands of glyphs.

We hope to support font subsetting in a future release of Prince. In the meantime, you may be able to reduce your PDF file size by using Acrobat Pro or ghostscript to optimise the PDF and perform the font subsetting. (There is some discussion of PDF optimisation in this topic).

Best regards,

We have now added support for TrueType font subsetting to Prince 6.0 rev 4.