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Image in SVG is Dropped in Output

I have an SVG with an image embedded within an SVG that is being dropped in the output. I'm assuming this is because of the transform on the image.

Is this something that is unsupported within your SVG implementation or some other problem?
  1. barnes-gridavg.svg60.8 kB
    Example SVG
  2. svg-bug.xhtml0.1 kB
    Example Use
Sorry, this is due to a bug in Prince 9 relating to fill-opacity on previous paths incorrectly affecting the subsequent image. I am very surprised this was not fixed earlier. We will prepare a maintenance release that includes a fix for the problem.
Any estimate of when this maintenance release might be available? I've also found another SVG issue that I'll try to isolate.
We plan to make the new maintenance release soon, so if you have another SVG issue perhaps we should look at it now. :)
I am finding that there are some kind of font issues going on. My diagramming tool has been using HelveticaNeue by default. In the browser and elsewhere, the SVG seems fine. When rendered into PDF, the width of the resulting characters is different, almost like a different font metric was used. The result is that placement is off for various bits of the image.

When I change to regular Helvetica, I don't have this issue.

Everything is being rendered and viewed on the same system.

I haven't actually spend the time to try to create a test case for this. The work around has be to adjust the diagrams to use a single font in common with the document (which is a good idea anyway).
Regarding the fill-opacity issue affecting images, we have fixed this in Prince 9 rev 5, available now. Thanks for letting us know about this issue! :)
I just tested it and my issue is fixed. Thanks!