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Unhandled exception has occurred in your application ...

I am able to convert a 675k html file to PDF using Prince 9.0 rev.4. Perfect! The html file has a table of contents, a Preface and an index. It has 75 chapters. I do this within my computer - not online.

However, when I click on the "open folder" button after doing the conversion, an error is opened in a window stating, "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue..."

I can provide more details if necessary.

This happens in Windows 8. Prior to beginning the conversion, the "Save PDF file to" input window is dimmed. After conversion, the window becomes available. I am able to fill in the output folder name. And the converted file is indeed in the same folder as the original html file was. (default condition I assume). After closing that window, if I attempt to reopen it, e.g. to change the destination, the error is given. I have no choice but to quit the program and restart.

Probably makes little sense. I figure the issue has been reported previously, but nothing in my searches indicated same.

Thank you,

Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
This issue with the Windows GUI should be fixed in Prince 9 rev 5, available now. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue! :)