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Which, if any, Charting libraries are supported?

Question: Which, if any, Charting libraries are supported?

I've scoured the web for any answer to this question in regards to PrinceXML, and haven't found *exactly* what I've been looking for. I know you've referenced work being done on Javascript functions to support some of these libraries, but most of those comments seem to be out of date (for the most part). I've looked at your Roadmap and saw that there is still a good chunk of functions that need to be handled, but I'm wondering if you know of *any* charting/graphing libraries that would work with 9.0.

I've used HighCharts, Flot, D3, and FusionCharts previously, so ideally I would love to use one of those. However if there exists a simpler library that will just get me bare-bones Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart graphs, then I would be happy to use one of those.

If there are no libraries that are currently compatible, then I will look into trying to do an SVG generation at run-time and attempt to insert those as images into the reports for now; but to me that seems hacky.

I must admit I positively love working with PrinceXML. I never knew turning webpages into PDF's was so easy!
I think a simpler library would be easier to get working at the moment than HighCharts, d3, etc.

We don't have any specific recommendations, but we may be able to help if there are some libraries that almost work and need a few Prince-specific adjustments.
It's 2024 is there any library that works for charts/graphs.
Earlier versions of d3 do work now! But more recent versions (since d3 v6) depend on classes, which Prince doesn't support yet.