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Prince authentication against SharePoint


I'm developing a webservice for PDF generation using Prince as the backend generator. However I have a problem authenticating against SharePoint portals (which is the CMS used by the client and where almost all the content is). Even through the command line, Prince normally gets a 401 when, passing explicit credentials for httpuse and httppass, trying to access content located inside SharePoint.

I can get around the problem of getting the page otherwise and just pass the stream to be converted, however the references inside the html cannot be resolved, which makes it render the pdf with no images or css that's referenced.

I'm using .net wrapper, and the usage of the credential cache to authenticate against Prince would be awesome, but I guess this is a little out of the roadmap.

Thanks for any suggestions that might come,
Roberto Felix
Is the SharePoint portal actually using HTTP basic authentication, or some kind of cookie-based scheme, or something else entirely?
Hi mikeday,

SharePoint is using its normal Windows Authentication scheme. I tested now enabling Basic Authentication on the webserver and it can indeed reach the content. Not an option in this case for security reasons, but I understand this is not a bug from Prince though, just not a supported feature. That's too bad though.

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the misplaced post, feel free to move it somewhere more appropriate.

Perhaps in the future we can support Windows authentication, or perhaps the requests can be sent through some kind of authenticating proxy, given that they are all on the backend.
For the record, Prince 10 now has support for Windows authentication.