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Disable Javascript in Windows GUI

Is it possible to disable Javascript in the Windows GUI?

Background: We use the same HTML for website, epub and PDF versions of our books. The HTML includes a couple of scripts in <head> for website use only (e.g analytics) which can be ignored for PDF output. When I use the Windows GUI (Prince 9.0 rev 5), Prince spends a lot of time running scripts I'd like to ignore.
There is no option for this in the GUI yet. If you are running Prince from the command-line, or via one of the server wrappers, then JavaScript is disabled by default.
We have added a JavaScript option to the Windows GUI in Prince 10, available now. :)
Great! Thanks, Mike. For some projects, I've been wrapping my scripts with this:

	if (typeof Prince  === "undefined") {

But an option in the GUI will be better.