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target-counter with href doesn't work with german umlauts

I'm testing the latest alpha build on OS X (with -i xml, -i html and without both) with an <html> document.

Suppose the following element:

<p id="fünf">lorem ipsum ...</p>

and the following snippet which should contain the page number of <p>:

<p> See page <a href="#fünf" style="content: target-counter(attr(href), page);"></a> for lorem description.</p>

The result is:

See page 0 for lorem description.

Also, the link isn't clickable in the generated PDF. If i change the id and href to "fuenf" then the result is correct.

As far as I know there are almost no restrictions on the characters which can be used in id attributes (according to the HTML 5 specification, and probably also in XML). The problem is that I can't control the id easily because it is auto-generated.
Does the attached document work for you? If so, perhaps there is an encoding difference in the two IDs, eg. one is the precomposed u+umlaut and one is two separate characters. Could you attach a sample document that demonstrates the problem?
  1. funf.html0.1 kB
Sorry, no. I downloaded your document and the result is the same, the link isn't clickable. I created copies of the document in ANSI and UTF-8 and both didn't work.

I attached a sample document which is created with MultiMarkdown.
  1. test.html0.9 kB
Thanks, I can reproduce the problem here, for some reason it only occurs on MacOS X. We will investigate and fix the issue.
Actually this issue is not specific to MacOS X, I was just testing it incorrectly. There is a problem with our URL processing for internal links, and we will fix it for the next build. Sorry for the inconvenience.
No problem, thanks for fixing it!
This issue has been fixed in the latest Prince alpha build, thanks again for letting us know! :)