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To embed PDFs in the PDF output generated from HTML5

I am evaluating Prince in an effort to replace XSL-FO with HTML5+CSS3. I tested repeatable tables in the header, footer and side regions. I was basically able to replicate our current page layout without any XSL-FO.
The only remaining issue is the capability to embed PDFs. The embedding of PDFs was previously done with the <fo:external-graphic> tag. How will Prince support the embedding of PDFs? We need this feature for our customers. At the most, a header is applied to the embedded PDF; the page count is optional.

I expected the following to work:
<object data="embedded-test.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="800" height="600"></object>

Any suggestions?
Prince cannot embed PDF files inside other PDF files at the moment. Some people generate PDF files with Prince and then use another tool to append it to a PDF cover page, or other inserts. Another option is to embed SVG instead.
Hi, is this still true for the latest version of princexml?
Yes, embedding or inserting PDFs requires another tool for now.