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embedded images with fonts from an external service

I put some data in a URL and send that to a 'spectrum' web endpoint we maintain in a separate app.

It sends back an SVG with fonts embedded via CSS. The Prince log files say that Google's font css is parsed, but no evidence it goes to retrieve those fonts and it doesn't apply them.

Can someone help me figure out how to make this work?
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here's the output. As you can see, the fonts aren't applied. But if I view the HTML, they work fine.
  1. spectrum.pdf30.8 kB
Just a wild thought... since <object> gives me the ability to use javascript, could I somehow force the fonts to apply with js?
We have now released a latest build that supports font-face rules within embedded SVG images. Please note that browsers only support fonts embedded in SVG as data: URLs, so referring to external fonts over HTTP may not be interoperable.
Thank you!