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Different rendering of footnotes with -i html and -i xml

I think it's not uncommon to have multiple paragraphs in a footnote, so I decided to put them into a <div> element. I know that it isn't OK from a spec perspective to put <div> inside <p> but since the <div> is floated into the footnote area I thought that I could "misuse" it that way without influencing the rendering of the surrounding <p>.

If I now render the document with -i html and -i xml I get different results. -i xml produces what I actually want, but what can I do if -i xml can't be used?

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I always thought that -i only has an influence on how PrinceXML parses the document, not how it renders it?
  1. Footnote_with_-i_html.pdf24.5 kB
  2. Footnote_with_-i_xml.pdf24.5 kB
  3. Test.html2.7 kB
In HTML, it is impossible to put a <div> inside a <p>, as the parser will end the paragraph as soon as it sees the start tag for the <div>. This is because many end tags are optional in HTML, and are implied by the presence of other start tags. Similarly, tables cannot be inside paragraphs.
Thanks, meanwhile I saw other browsers doing something similar with block elements inside <p>. I hope the current behaviour with -i xml stays for a while, living without paragraphs in footnotes is hard :-).
In future we might provide another way of doing footnotes, eg. have some block content for the footnote body, and then the footnote call can be a link to it. This would also allow footnotes to be repeated, which some legal documents use.