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Turkish capitalisation bug

It would appear that PrinceXML does not understand the capitalisation rules for Turkish. Please see attached HTML test case.

In Turkish, we have 2 distinct letters:

Letter « ı »
lowercase: ı
uppercase: I

Letter « i »
lowercase: i
uppercase: İ

The attached test case renders correctly in browsers, but when run through PrinceXML both « ı » and « i » are capitalised as « I ». I have attached the PDF for reference.
Indeed, we are ignoring the language for case conversions at the moment, sorry. We may be able to fix this in a future release of Prince.
A workaround would be to use the mighty "text-replace" property. E.g.
body { -prince-text-replace: 'i' 'İ' }

I attach your example with the added snippet.

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The latest build of Prince now supports Turkish case conversion!